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A message from Trip's father

My son is Trip, he is 22, and he is in the LIFEE program at Arts 'n Autism. We love the LIFEE program! It has increased my child’s desire and ability to socialize and be around others. My son looks forward to going out into the community and interacting with others.

Trip looks forward to the staff and others who attend The LIFEE Program at Arts ‘n Autism. It provides a safe and supportive environment with a path for employment.

For someone to give to Arts 'n Autism would be a gesture of acceptance and inclusion to know others feel as strong and passionately about Arts ‘n Autism as I do. If the program could grow, it would mean that others in the West Alabama area could experience the love and support that our family has seen at Arts ‘n Autism. There are so few programs in the Tuscaloosa area that individuals with autism can participate in after their school days have ended. The LIFEE Program at Arts ‘n Autism represents a continuation of learning.

- Jim Waltman, father of Trip


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